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What are the advantages of VoIP?

  • Lower line costs through more efficient use of the Internet connection
  • Better customer service. Thanks to geographical (local) telephone numbers, calls are cheaper for customers.
  • No change of phone number when moving. No complicated and chargeable redirections of calls by telephone providers.
  • No VoIP gateways, because all calls are IP-based.
  • In addition, the call quality can be improved because no conversion of analog and digital lines is necessary.
  • Unified communications solutions are easier to connect to SIP trunks than to the conventional telephone network.
  • Greater flexibility and easy addition of new voice channels. No additional hardware update required.
  • Demand-oriented voice capacities. Avoidance of expensive overcapacity.
On-Premise or Cloud

On-premise or Cloud / Virtual PBX

The quick installation, provisioning and management of the 3CX phone system is very simple. Regardless of how it is operated.

3CX can be run on-premise (at your site) on existing Windows or Linux devices as well virtualized on Hyper-V or VMware. Even an installation on a low-cost Mini-PC is possible. With built-in backup and restore functions, your telephone system can be reinstalled to another server or to the cloud at any time without difficulty.

You can also virtualize your telephone system in the cloud. Here 3CX can be installed on any Linux VPS with PBX Express. We will be happy to manage this service for you.

The virtualization of your pbx ensures optimal backup and redundancy. No matter on what you operate your telephone system, you always stay in control.

Easy management of VoIP telephone systems and softphones

The 3CX solution is easy to use and manage. After fast installation by our technicians, a web-based management console allows you to configure and control all of your company´s IP phones. With just a few mouse clicks, you can deploy new firmware on multiple devices simultaneously. Furthermore, 3CX clients can be easily provided via e-mail. Thanks to tested 3CX interoperability, automatic updates are carried out problem-free.

VoIP telephony uses a broadband Internet connection and thus exclude extra wiring. Thus, it is a pure software-based telephony solution. As a result, the VoIP telephone system saves you not only a lot of time and a lot of work, but also support effort.

3CX Management Console
3CX management console set up
Reduced costs thanks to web conferencing

Reduced telephone costs and lower investment costs

The expansion of classic, self-contained telephone systems is often associated with a lot of effort. On the one hand, there are often not enough additional connections available, on the other hand, licensing and equipment costs are incurred for additional extensions. In addition, systems are often overloaded. It is different with the 3CX phone systems. You can add extensions and new functions as needed at any time without effort and without any additional financial burdens.

VoIP systems also offer enormous cost savings. In case of IP, there are no calls costs in the company´s internal network telephony (LAN, WLAN). Because your own network is used for the transmission. For this reason, employees in the home office, at remote offices or in the field do conversations without additional call cost.

With IP telephony and SIP trunks, you will not only reduce your phone bill, but also the majority of costs for purchasing, extending and maintaining of your pbx system.

Mobile support - unlimited mobility with Android and IOS VOIP clients

No matter where you are, you will not miss a call, thanks to VoIP technology. Incoming calls are signaled to your office extension, mobile phone, tablet or to your PC using a single phone number. This allows you to take your business extension wherever you go.

The display of the presence status of your colleagues can be used on iOS and Android. The presence display is a time-saving factor, eliminating unnecessary call-forwarding, repeated call attempts and voicemail messages.

You can receive and send free internal text messages, links, etc. anywhere, whether on Mac, Windows, iOS or Android.

  • Integrated SIP tunnel / proxy to avoid firewall issues
  • Push support for longer battery life
  • Regular updates and compatibility testing
  • Settings via Management Console
  • SIP-Forking for forwarding a call to all clients
Mobile Uenterstuetzung
Unified communication
Unified communication in one application

Unified communications in one application

The VoIP solution combines your means of communication in one application. That is, there is no need for any communication tool to have a separate application, clients or devices set up and maintained. The 3CX solution offers telephony with presence status, Fax & Voice-to-mail, instant messaging, web conferencing and much more in one interface. This means that you automatically have access to your communication functions without having to learn a separate software. These functions are all already integrated into the solution and are not charged separately.

The integrated web conferencing solution is freely available to all 3CX users. Your employees will be able to conduct web meetings regardless of their location and thus enjoy all the benefits of personal communication. This saves you an additional web conference system and travel costs and time of your employees.

No additional fax server software is required. Incoming faxes are converted in PDF files and sent via e-mail. If desired, you can receive mailbox messages as an e-mail attachment.

Thanks to international direct dialing and IP telephony, you can be reached at low cost for yor customers. This, in turn, boosts customer satisfaction in the long term.

VOIP telephony uses your existing hardware and practical softphones

The 3CX solution is vendor-independent, can use existing IP phones and has integrated a soft phone. This allows you to manage all your calls from your PC. Complemented with a headset, the 3CX Softphone can completely replace your desktop phone. Whether you use your desk phone in the office, laptop or the smartphone on the go, you are always on a phone in the same way. In addition, the 3CX system can be integrated into your Office 365 suite, your e-mail accounts and your CRM system, for example. Your employees can make calls and access important data directly from these systems. Furthermore, received and outgoing calls, including many other parameters, can be captured in meaningful reports.

  • perfect integration of VoIP telephone system in the computer network
  • transparent integration of software phones and headsets
  • Integration with Outlook and Chrome ("click-to-dial")
  • practical web interface with extensions overview
Hardware & Software

Improved service and productivity with comprehensive functions

Additional enhancements in the Pro edition of the 3CX system, such as call centre and contact centre features, help you to be work more productively. Real-time call data, queue strategies, drag and drop calls, as well as associated dashboards help you optimize your customer service. Timely warnings about exceeding service level agreements will help you meet your obligations.

  • SLA-Benachrichtigung und Reporting uvm.
  • Integrated Failover
  • Show presence of branch offices
  • Advanced Queue strategies
  • Advanced call reporting
  • Queue statistics in real time
  • Barging in / listening / whispering
  • Synchronization of the phone book with Microsoft Exchange
  • Callback function
  • SLA notification and reporting and much more

The benefits of "SIP trunk"

The "SIP trunking" is gaining more and more importance. In the classical SIP (SIP = Session Initiation Protocol) each terminal device is assigned a separate account for each phone number. In comparison, SIP trunks manage multiple extensions for each account. Even a takeover of previous numbers (porting) is supported. Companies and contact centres that need many terminals with their own phone numbers benefit from this feature. It is especially flexible for solutions that require only a headset and a phone number.

Connect your IP phones to your network and the configuration of 3CX starts automatically. This saves you a lot of effort for configuration and training.

SIP Trunk